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18, 2017 cnw – lithium x energy corp.

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it s ludicrous to suggest that a med as toxic as lithium which also damages the liver is easy to taper.

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at a certain energy level, injecting new energetic photons into the mix efficiently destroys beryllium-7, the precursor to lithium-7, without affecting other nuclei.

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any other diuretics water pills barbiturates such as luminal phenobarbital insulin or oral diabetes medications lithobid lithium muscle relaxers narcotic medications such as codeine, avinza, ms contin, kadian, and embeda morphine ; duragesic fentanyl ; hysingla hydrocodone ; methadose methadone ; or oxycontin oxycodone non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nsaids such as advil and motrin ibuprofen ; aleve naproxen ; celebrex celecoxib ; indocin indomethacin ; mobic meloxicam or voltaren diclofenac other blood pressure medications questran cholestyramine or colestid colestipol rifadin and rifater rifampin steroids such as prednisone.


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