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btoyo_3723 nucleotides 3655712 3656095 , at 127 residues in length, is significantly shorter than other chloramphenicol acetyltransferases 220 residues and is likely to have been truncated during evolution.

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the fda has also modified and validated its lc ms ms methodology to confirm chloramphenicol levels in shrimp, crayfish and honey to 0.

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chloramphenicol diffuses readily into all body tissues, but at different concentrations.

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toyonensis rock1-3 growing on tetracycline 16 g ml, figure 4d and chloramphenicol 8 g ml, figure 4k revealed that the majority of the cells had become resistant to the cognate antibiotic, presumably by the selection of cells within the population with spontaneous mutations in either the native upstream regulatory sequences or elements of the p hyper-spank promoter system.


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