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Chauhan , monte carlo method based qsar modelling of natural lipase inhibitors using hybrid optimal descriptors, sar and qsar in environmental research , 2017 , 28 , 3, 179 crossref 12 mar a herranz-l pez , maril olivares-vicente , jos encinar , enrique barraj n-catal n , antonio segura-carretero , jorge joven , vicente micol , multi-targeted molecular effects of hibiscus sabdariffa polyphenols an opportunity for a global approach to obesity, nutrients , 2017 , 9 , 8, 907 crossref 13 huayou chen , jinru jia , zhong ni , ake vastermark , bangguo wu , yilin le , ullah jawad , orlistat response to missense mutations in lipoprotein lipase, biotechnology and applied biochemistry , 2017 , 64 , 4, 464 wiley online library 14 kristel lobo prabhu , timothy jackson , psychiatric care in severe obesity, 2017 , 75 crossref 15 bong-yeon cho , mi-ryeong park , jin-ha lee , moon-jin ra , kyoung chan han , il-jun kang , ok-hwan lee , standardized cirsium setidens nakai ethanolic extract suppresses adipogenesis and regulates lipid metabolisms in 3t3-l1 adipocytes and c57bl 6j mice fed high-fat diets, journal of medicinal food , 2017 , 20 , 8, 763 crossref 16 anton ivanov , syeda abida ejaz , syed jawad ali shah , peter ehlers , alexander villinger , eva frank , gyula schneider , j nos w lfling , qamar rahman , jamshed iqbal , peter langer , synthesis, functionalization and biological activity of arylated derivatives of -estrone, bioorganic medicinal chemistry , 2017 , 25 , 3, 949 crossref 17 asmita dutta , deepak kumar sinha , zebrafish lipid droplets regulate embryonic atp homeostasis to power early development, open biology , 2017 , 7 , 7, 170063 crossref 18 jingjing jiang , yuhui wang , yan ling , abudurexiti kayoumu , george liu , xin gao , a novel apoc2 gene mutation identified in a chinese patient with severe hypertriglyceridemia and recurrent pancreatitis, lipids in health and disease , 2016 , 15 , 1 crossref 19 f.

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xenical is a medicinal drug, which contains orlistat.

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alli orlistat 60 mg is used to treat obesity, and works by absorbing the fat from the food you eat.

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as shown in figure 1 b, nine of the compounds examined 1a , 1b , 1c , 1d , 1f 2a , 2d , 3a and 3c displayed comparable activities to orlistat in blocking the proliferation of hepg2 cancer cells.

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the structure of orlistat is shown inset.


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